Dragon Mountain

Currently, I am getting ready for the launch of my fourth book and the start of a new series based around five shifters who went to school together which is creatively named the Shapeshifter Alumni Series. It starts out with Martin Hooper in Dragon Mountain.


Dragons come to the mountain…

Reese Galloway is a reporter with a grudge. She only needs to trespass on a billionaire’s private mountain to expose the truth. When she finds something unbelievable at the top, she’s sent on a breakneck run for her life.

Dragon-shifter Martin Hooper made a deadly mistake and he’s in New Mexico to fix it. With fellow supernaturals in trouble, he must buy his team time before they can engage in a rescue mission. However, when his meeting with his foe is interrupted by a beautiful woman who happens to be his mate, his priorities change to include protecting her from the clutches of his thousand-year-old enemy.

Martin knows that people connected to him get hurt — his mistakes have ended lives. He wants to push her away before his curse ensnares her too, but his dragon has other ideas. So does Reese. Can she survive Martin’s past mistakes, or will she become another casualty?

Coming late March 2017!

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